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Flying Horizons

Flying Horizons uses the latest in miniature drone technology to capture stunning aerial photographs and video. Until a few years ago this kind of imagery was either impossible or only feasible using full size aircraft at eye watering expense and only affordable by TV and movie studios.

Our equipment can capture gyro stabilized, silky smooth 4K Ultra High Definition video and razor sharp 20.8 megapixel photographs at heights of up to 400ft, in wind up to 30mph, day and night.

With over 40 years flying and more than 20 years of photographic experience, Flying Horizons, CAA qualified, insured pilots and camera operators are able to safely, get the perfect image for your needs. We can then edit that video with added music, effects, titles etc. or even print and frame your image to canvas. Flying Horizons help your project come to life.

We offer a wide range of services including:

  • Broadcast quality video for Film, TV and News with live stream capability.

  • Aerial Photography & Video for Estate Agents

  • Aerial Photography & Video for Building / Roof / Structure Inspection and Surveys

  • Event Aerial Photography & Video

  • Aerial Photography & Video at Weddings

  • Aerial Promotional Video & Photography over land and sea

  • Aerial Night Video for firework displays

  • Aerial coverage of motor sports

  • Time Lapse Video sequences

Flying Horizons have a fleet of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) with different uses, depending on the client’s requirements. From the ultra high end DJI Inspire 2 with its Micro 4/3 camera providing unmatched image quality and eye watering performance for your cinematic masterpiece to the small and nimble, with almost stealth like quietness of the DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

Basic Drone Flight Training

We can offer hobby pilots one to one help getting you flying with your new drone.

  • Help in setting up, updating and explaining how it all works

  • Where you can and more importantly where you cannot fly

  • How to fly safely and responsibly

  • Getting through those first few flights

  • How to fly in all the different flying modes

  • Getting the best from your drone's camera

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